Sexual Offences

“I could never thank you enough. You have been excellent. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but I am over the moon. I can finally rebuild my life. I can’t thank you enough”

From an IT consultant who was accused of sexually assaulting two young girls on trains on different dates but who was found not guilty at trial

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Being falsely accused of any type of sexual offence can be a very traumatic experience. The trauma is made worse when the allegation is made by a family member, a former partner, friend, or a work colleague. Whilst under investigation or on bail from the court you may not be able to live with or even contact your children. If convicted it may ultimately lead to a prison sentence, the loss of a career that you have spent many years building, loss of your reputation and the breakdown of your family life. Even after completing your sentence, the consequences of such a conviction can affect your life for many years.

I have substantial experience of defending allegations of rape, sexual assault, historical abuse, grooming offences, possession/distribution of indecent images of children, voyeurism and more.

If you are accused of a sexual offence you will need advice and representation from someone who has experience and a proven track record of dealing with such cases. I can deal with your case sympathetically and discreetly, but will give you honest pragmatic advice and prepare your defence thoroughly. I won’t mislead you or build your hopes falsely if there is overwhelming evidence or if you accept that you are guilty of at least some wrong doing. If you are innocent, your defence will be prepared meticulously. If you accept you are guilty, we would prepare your mitigation to achieve the best possible outcome.

Whether you are innocent or guilty, you will need a lawyer who will personally deal with your case, treat you with respect, not judgement and who will not treat you as -‘just another client.-‘You will need a lawyer prepared to give you the time and attention you and your case require and who is also available out of office hours if necessary. I am such a solicitor.

As well as having a proven track record and extensive experience of dealing with sexual offences over the last 25 years, I pride myself in the client care I provide and always ‘going the extra mile’.(Please click here to see what some former clients have said about me and my services.)

If you know someone is already under arrest for an alleged sexual offence, you can call me 24/7 if you want to instruct me privately on their behalf. I can personally attend police stations at short notice throughout London and across the UK.

If you have to attend the police station for a voluntary interview under caution for any kind of sexual allegation then please call me immediately. If, like most of my clients accused of sexual offences you have no previous convictions or cautions then you will have little experience of the criminal justice system. You will need the guidance and advice of a solicitor who deals with such matters on a daily basis. Dealing with the situation at police stations can be crucial as this is where cases are often ‘-won’-‘or ‘-lost-‘You will need the advice of someone with the knowledge and tactical ability to advise you of the best option in an interview at the police station. Your words or actions in a police station can have a huge impact on the outcome of your case.-‘No comment’ is not always the right option in an interview.

“I do not believe that I have ever come across a more impressively handled set of interviews by any solicitor in any case. Thank God you were there.” From Ms Sarah Forshaw QC one of UK’s leading ‘silks’

If you are unfortunate enough to be charged, I will deal with all aspects of your case and/ defence preparation, and you will be represented in court by a barrister/solicitor advocate who I have known for many years and who has a proven track record of dealing with such cases.

Under legal aid you are unfortunately likely to be represented by an inexperienced solicitor advocate or barrister unless you are charged with a very serious offence. Barristers are typically paid as little as £50 per day for a hearing in the magistrates’ court and less than £90 for some of the Crown Court hearings irrespective of how many hours they spend in court. You also have little choice of the barrister who represents you at your trial and there is no guarantee that the same barrister would represent you at each of the court hearings. You are more likely to achieve this is you are a private client and would have a far more senior/experienced barrister representing you.

For All Criminal Defence Sexual Offences Call Max Anwar On +447770267894

Sexual Offences- Recent Cases:

● Client who was an IT consultant was accused of sexually assaulting two different females on a train on two different dates. Client found not guilty.

“I could never thank you enough. You have been excellent. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but I am over the moon. I can finally rebuild my life. I can’t thank you enough.’

Client who was a bank manager was arrested for sexual assault on a female on a train whilst travelling to work. Another alleged victim then came forward and client further arrested. Eventually no further action taken by the police in relation to either allegation.

● Client in his late 60-s was accused of rape and other sexual offences by his step-daughter when she was a teenager in the 1980’s and also by his step-grand-daughter (i.e. the daughter of the first complainant) of similar allegations which allegedly took place in the 1990’s. As a result of the disclosure we obtained from the prosecution and the social services, the client was found not guilty of all the alleged offences.

● Client aged 26 accused of rape at a party some 10 years previously when he and the complainant were aged 16. Following a voluntary interview during which a detailed prepared statement was submitted as to why the client could not have committed the alleged rape and that the complainant was in fact lying the police took no further action. “I just wanna say thanks again for all your help with the case. You really have been a massive help”

● Client who is a lecturer at a university was accused of ‘date rape’ by a former colleague. Client interviewed as a volunteer under caution. Having seen the client in my office before attending the police station and taken witness statements from other work colleagues corroborating the client we submitted a detailed prepared statement and providing details of independent witnesses who could verify what the client was saying- The police took no further action.

“I want to thank you for your advice and support you gave me today at the police station. I wouldn’t have been able to be calm and measured in my responses without your timely interventions.”

Client who was 16-years-old accused of sexual assault on a school girl at the same school on school premises. Part of the alleged incident was captured on school CCTV. Client was represented by a different solicitor at the police station and made partial admissions in the interview. Client was advised to plead not guilty and having obtained further CCTV footage from the same day the client was found not guilty.

“Hi max! On behalf of X and my family I would like to thank you for the support and guidance and excellent job you have done. We were so pleased with the results. We were already accepting a different fate but fighting proved worthwhile and we could not have done it without you so thank you”

Client charged with rape. Client was a minicab driver. Victim was sister of a well-known Hollywood star. Client who was granted bail stood trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court, the issue being consent. Following a trial the client was found not guilty. Case widely reported in all the national press.

● Client accused of sexual activity with a person with a mental disorder. Client found not guilty following a trial.

“Hi Max, I just want to send you an email before the verdict tomorrow. I want to thank you for your help in my case. From the moment that I first made contact with you to now I have felt that you have looked after my interests fully. I cannot think of a single negative comment to make. Many thanks and whatever the verdict you have done a wonderful job without exception. Please accept my sincere thanks and gratitude.”

Client was charged with 23 counts of rape and other serious sexual offences against his ex-wife and teen-aged stepdaughters over a number of years in the 1990’s. Client was found not guilty of all charges following a trial.

“Stay strong. This time last year I was getting ready to defend an allegation of sexual assault. The reason I am posting this is because I was in pieces as well. I was sure I was going to prison. I didn’t do the crime but thought that the jury would not believe me. I was accused of a sexual assault on a girl with Down’s syndrome. I did actually break down twice and very nearly made the ultimate sacrifice. My solicitor was Max, trust me he will have your best interests at heart. Max was honest and never ever built my hopes up. After an 8 day trial I was found not guilty by all 12 jurors, the feeling was total relief and I cried my eye out. Rest easy you have the best on your side and Max will NOT let you down”

‘Chat’ on the internet between the wife of the client accused of 23 offences and the client above accused of sexual activity with a person with a mental disorder.

Client was at a nightclub with a number of Premier League footballers and the alleged victim believed the client was also a footballer. Having spent the night with him and on finding out he was not a footballer, she made an allegation of rape to the police. Consent was in issue and following a trial at which the client gave evidence he was found not guilty.

● Client charged with two sexual offences on the wife of his best friend at their home address. Client found not guilty of both charges.

● Client got chatting to female on train and offered to give her a lift from the station. She alleged that once in the car he kidnapped her and sexually assaulted her. Found not guilty after a trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

● Client charged with voyeurism (he had set up a phone to record his 16-year old step-daughter in the bathroom) and sexually assaulting her from the age of eight. It was alleged that the offences took place in the UK and abroad whilst the family were on holiday. Client found not guilty of all charges.

● Client was charged with sexual assault. He had met the victim at a party and she alleged whilst he was giving her a lift home he sexually assaulted her whilst in the car. Client found not guilty.

● Client who was 15-years- old was charged with two counts of sexual assault, GBH and robbery. He was found not guilty of all charges.

● Client was accused of rape by his former girlfriend. Having had consensual sexual intercourse with her, the client informed her that he did not wish to see her again as he was now in a relationship with someone else. His former girlfriend contacted the police and accused him of rape. Client was found not guilty following a trial at the
Old Bailey.

● Client was arrested for rape, other sexual offences, false imprisonment and threats to kill. lt was alleged by the victim that her boyfriend had failed to repay a loan to the client who had allegedly committed the offences in order to scare her boyfriend into repaying the loan. The alleged offences were said to have occurred in the front seats of a very small car. The client, who weighed over 18 stones , denied all of the offences and also provided some information about the alleged victim, which completely discredited her. Following a 14-month investigation the police confirmed that no further action taken would be taken against the client.

● Client and three others were charged with murder and the rape of the deceased’s girlfriend. The alleged ‘rape’ was recorded on a mobile by one of the other defendants. Client found not guilty of both counts.


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