Serious Fraud / Money Laundering

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A Serious Fraud Office prosecution where the client and others were charged with conspiracy to defraud banks out of £310million. The client was on bail throughout. I supervised this case for another firm of solicitors based in the City of London. The prosecution case lasted nearly five months following which we made application of “no case to answer” which succeeded and a formal not guilty verdict was recorded. The three co-defendants were all found guilty and received custodial sentences of up to 10 years. This was a very complex case and involved a very large amount (over 500,000 pages) of documentation.

The client was jointly charged with 3 others of conspiracy to defraud a bank out of £280million. The client who was an American national was granted bail by the crown court. Huge amount of prosecution evidence had to be considered, witness statements taken from client’s business associates in USA and defence trial bundles produced. After a three-month trial a re-trial was ordered after there were allegations of jury tampering. The retrial lasted for another three months. The Jury was unable to reach a verdict after 10 days of deliberations. The Prosecution did not seek a retrial.

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The client was jointly charged with 4 other defendants of money laundering and VAT offences involving over £5million. The client was on bail throughout. For various reasons the trial did not take place for two years. However during this time we found out that Customs and Excise had inadvertently served one of the co-defendants with some material, which we had not received. We applied for disclosure of the same material. The prosecution argued that whilst the material was of a “Highly Sensitive” nature it was completely irrelevant to this case. On our application for disclosure the Crown Court Judge ordered the prosecution to serve this material on all the defendants. The prosecution appealed to the Court of Appeal unsuccessfully. As a result the prosecution offered “No Evidence” on all the charges and a not guilty verdict was recorded.

The client was jointly charged with 15 others of evasion of VAT and excise duty totaling over £l0million. Client was on bail throughout. Mater listed for a 2-month trial but prior to trial the prosecution offered no evidence when they were not able to comply with disclosure requested by the defence and not guilty verdicts were recorded. This was a very complex case and involved consideration of a very large amount of documentation (over 30,000 pages).

The clients are 2 of 38 suspects on police bail in relation to a multi £million fraud. No further action taken against the clients following a very lengthy investigation by the police.

The client was arrested for conspiracy to defraud various banks out of £25million but eventually police confirmed that no further action was to be taken against the client.

The client was arrested for money laundering (over £2million involved) but following a lengthy investigation police confirmed that no further action to be taken against the client.

Although the police were initially advised by the Crown Prosecution Service lawyer to charge my client who is a doctor with fraud and theft I made representations to the officer in the case and Crown prosecution Service to the effect that they client’s actions could not have amounted to a fraud by representation as alleged, following which, they agreed not to charge my client and no further action was taken against him.

Client together with one other and persons unknown alleged to have obtained goods/services from the lnternet using 100’s of compromised credit/debit cards and obtained goods/services to the value of £140,000. Prosecution eventually accepted a guilty plea on the basis that the client had only obtained goods to the value of £10,000.

The client was one of 11 individuals on police bail for a very complex fraud involving over a £lmillion. Due to the complexity of the case, the vast amount of documentation and the number of suspects involved the police investigation lasted nearly two and a half years.

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