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“Thank you very much for your invaluable professional help and counsel during this awful time. I truly wish that I had the money to pay you for all your services above and beyond the call of duty. I am deeply heartened by your devotion to your work and integrity.”

From the wife of a client accused of possession/distribution of indecent images of children

I am a self-employed freelance private criminal defence solicitor with McCormacks Law, one of London’s leading criminal defence law firms. I represent clients who want the best possible service and the best chance to clear their name and are prepared to pay for such a service.

As well as having my own caseload, because of my experience and expertise I am regularly instructed by some of  UK’s leading private criminal defence firms to advise/represent their clients at police stations throughout the UK.

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I have over 25 years experience of defending clients who have been accused of the most serious crimes, including murder, serious fraud, drug offences and in particular defending those falsely accused of allegations of historical sexual abuse, rape, possessing/making indecent images of children, extreme pornography, purchase of child like dolls, and other sexual offences. About 60% of my current caseload  involves sexual allegations.

The majority of my clients are either former clients or those referred to me by former clients. A high number of my cases result in the police taking no further action or if charged with not guilty verdicts.

“I do not believe that I have ever come across a more impressively handled set of interviews by any solicitor in any case. Thank God you were there” From Ms Sarah Forshaw QC one of UK’s leading (‘silks’)

Below are just some examples of the cases I have recently dealt with.

  • October – 17 year old client found not guilty of murder
  • March – Fraud/moneylaundering involving £500,000. Out of 5 defendants my client was the only one found not guilty after a 4 week trial at Croydon Crown Court. Other defendants received lengthy prison sentences
  • School boy accused of sexual assault on a fellow pupil on school premises. Found not guilty at Thames Youth Court (Hi max! On behalf of X and my family I would like to thank you for the support and guidance and excellent job you have done. We were so pleased with the results. We were already accepting a different fate but fighting proved worthwhile and we could not have done it without you so thank you”)
  • Servitude (modern slavery)- Both clients found not guilty at Worcester Crown Court
  • Murder-Client found not guilty of murder and manslaughter at Central Criminal Court
  • Rape of ex-girlfriend |(Sutton Police Statin)- Police take no further action after lengthy investigation
  • Rape (Sutton Police Station)-University lecturer accused of rape by another lecturer. Police take no further action. (“I want to thank you for the advice and support you gave me today at the police interview. I wouldn’t have been able to be calm and measured in my responses without your timely interventions. I will reflect on your wise words after we left the police station”)
  • GBH (Holborn Police Station)- Police take no further action against 3 brothers. I advised all 3 at the police station.
  • Conveying a prohibited article (class A drugs) into prison. Client found not guilty Chelmsford Crown Court
  • Fraud involving £167,000. Out of 5 defendants my client was the only one found not guilty at Lewes Crown Court. Other 4 defendants received prison sentences
  • Breach of non-molestation order-Client found not guilty at Snaresbrook Crown Court
  • Harassment-Client found not guilty
  • Client found not guilty of perverting the course of justice at Inner London Crown Court.
  • Client accused of assaulting his wife. Police take no further action
  • Attempting to cause GBH with intent-Not guilty at Snaresbrook Crown Court
  • Wife accused of assaulting her husband with a frying pan. Police at Colindale police station took no further action
  • Client accused of common assault x 2. Found not guilty

Unfortunately some clients have no option but to plead guilty due to the strength of the prosecution evidence against them. Rather then giving these client’s false hope they were advised to plead guilty in order to achieve the maximum credit. Below are just some examples of such case

  • Client accused of kidnapping his nephew received a suspended prison sentence having pleaded guilty at Ipswich Crown Court
  • Client charged with making indecent photograph/pseudo photographs of a child of category A receives suspended sentence order at Inner London Crown Court
  • Client charged with making indecent photographs/pseudo photographs of a child and possession of extreme pornography given suspended sentence order at
  • Client charged with possession with intent to supply 11 kilos of class A drugs with a street valuation of £1.2million received 7 years imprisonment at Blackfriars Crown Court
  • Client worked for a bank. He had accessed customers accounts improperly and passed on details to others who had defrauded the account holders. Client given a suspended sentence order with a requirement of unpaid work for the community at Inner London Crown Court
  • Client charged with residential burglary. He had tricked the elderly occupant into believing he was from the Gas Board. Client received prison sentence of 32 months but on appeal it was reduced to 24 months
    Client charged with possession of false identification documents with intent. She had fraudulently withdrawn £14,000 from someone’s account by using the false ID documents and attempted to withdraw another £25,000 a week later. She was made subject to a suspended sentence order

“I just want to say thank you for all your help and support in my case Max and you indeed are a first  class professional lawyer, and I would always highly recommend you.”

I  am very passionate about my work and look after my clients. I like to think that I ‘go the extra mile’ for every client.

“I am sure you often hear people declare that they hope never to need your services, a sentiment I was going to express due to your preferred areas of expertise, but you have been so helpful with this rather trivial matter that you have guaranteed that I will contact you immediately should some serious charge be placed at our door. I really appreciate your time and effort.” 

I have a strong belief in a ‘hands on’ and ‘personal approach’ when dealing with all of my clients, regardless of age, sex or status. Other than representing you at court, I will personally deal with all aspects of your case, including attending the police station in most cases.

My areas of practice are predominantly London, Essex and Kent, but due to high demand, I have dealt with cases on a national level in Birmingham dealing with a fraud case), Brighton (murder), Canterbury (importation of drugs), Dover (importation of drugs), Gloucester (rape), Guildford (possession and distribution of indecent images), Halifax (fraud case), High Wycombe (number of matters including rape, possession of indecent images and, assault) Leicester (murder), Lewes (people trafficking, fraud, possession of drugs with intent to supply etc) Luton (rape), Maidstone (Dealing with murder, rape, with conspiracy to rob and others) Manchester (theft, sexual assault) Margate (importation of drugs), Milton Keynes (Benefit fraud, assault) Newport (Mortgage fraud, conspiracy to rob, theft etc), Sheffield (Dealing with cultivation of cannabis) Southampton (Dealing with possession of indecent images),St Albans (murder), Stoke On-Trent (Dealing with a murder case)  and Worcester (modern day slavery, possession of drugs with intent to supply-2 clients found not guilty in March.

You can contact me directly on 07770267894 for an initial consultation. You can also email me at max.anwar@mccormacks.co.uk or use the contact form below:-

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